Water Co-operatives

Water co-operatives are common throughout Alberta. They are owned and operated by rural users who rely on the water for domestic and livestock use. The water source can be surface water or ground water delivered from wells, and is pumped through miles of pipeline to supply the end users. Automated Electric Systems has been supplying and servicing these pump stations for 17 years, a few co-ops served include:
  • Champion Little Bow Water Co-op
  • Milk River East Water Co-op
  • Milk River West Water Co-op
  • Milo Water Co-op
  • Pine Pound Water Co-op
  • Skiff Water Co-op
  • South East Alberta Water Co-op
  • St. Mary’s Water Co-op
  • Turin East Water Co-op
  • Twelve Mile Road Water Co-op
  • Warner West Water Co-op
  • Village of Welling Water Co-op
St. Mary’s pump station motor control centre, operating one 75HP & two 30HP turbine pumps
Milk River West Water Co-op booster pump station, retrofit upgrade of control system to operate a 15HP booster pump on VFD

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